Paleo Burn: Is It Really The Fat Loss Solution For You?

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In this Paleo Burn review, you will find the answers to all your questions about Paleo Burn including (but not limited to):

  • What is Paleo Burn?
  • Does Paleo Burn Work?
  • How Does Paleo Burn Help You Lose Weight
  • What To Be Aware Of
  • Where To Buy Paleo Burn & What You Get 
  • and much more!


A system based on the Paleo Diet has been put together into an easy to follow program called “Paleo Burn”. It’s objective is to help every day people just like you, burn excess fat and live more healthy lives. I have done some research on Paleo Burn and you can find the results of that research below in this Paleo Burn Review.


What is Paleo Burn Fat Burner System?


(Please Note:You may find “Paleo Burn” referered to as “Primal Burn”. They are the same product. It’s just the product name that has been updated).

Paleo Burn

Paleo Burn is a modern fat loss system with pre-historic roots. The program teaches the foods to eat and at what specific times, in order to trigger fat burning hormones that ‘instructs’ the body to burn fat rather than store it.


It is more than just a diet plan and workout routine. It is a lifestyle system that looks to unlock your bodies ancient genetic code, which you inherited from your pre-historic ancestors, and turn up the fat burn by adopting the wisdom of ancient eating habits into modern day living. The exercise and workout plan are also designed to mimic the physical activity that would of been an every day necessity in order for these people to have survived.

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How Does Paleo Burn Claim To Help You Lose Weight?


In a nut shell, Paleo Burn is about NATURAL hormone control through eating right, exercising right and sleeping right. Paleo Burn claims that it works because it is based on a scientific principle which is used exclusively in Paleo Burn called The Paleo Burn Lifestyle Pattern Response. It is based on releasing hormones that burn fat and restores the body to a younger state. It achieves this through eating the right foods at the right times,  exercising (but not overdoing it), and also getting the rest required. When these 3 factors are regulated the right way, it allows the hormones to be released and start the fat burn.

The food Paleo Burn gets you to avoid eating is mainly grains. This is because it is grained food (even whole grains) that spike insulin in the body, and it’s insulin that turns food into fat. It theorises that man wasn’t designed to eat grass like a cow (grains come from different types of grasses). Cows have a different digestive system to humans. Grains became popular in the human diet when the industrial revolution influenced the mass production of food. Grains and cereals were a big part of this mass production of food.

Paleo Burn promotes sensible exercise. In fact, too much exercise can reverse the benefits because when the body is on overload, it releases cortisol which is a stress hormone. Cortisol has been scientifically shown to assist in putting weight on! So the exercise program in Paleo Burn won’t see you having to go to the gym 7 days a week and spending hours a day exhausting yourself. The exercises are done for short periods of time using specific exercises at a specific level of intensity. This workout plan is designed to follow the likely behaviour and activity that our cavemen ancestors would have had to do in order to survive.


The exercises Paleo Burn uses are cardio exercises, by utilising the H.I.I.T principles, and also some simple weight training. For the weight training, the options are there to use your body weight, some simple free weights and/or even using gym equipment. The weight training mainly focuses on doing circut training. Circut training is where you do one certain exercise followed by another, then by another with minimal rest in between. Then you have the option of repeating this circuit a few more times. So you are not stuck doing the same exercise. You do a circuit of different exercises to work alot more muscle groups and turn up the fat burn.


The exercise routines are split up into 3 sections:

  • Beginner: These are just basic exercises and written out in text. If you aren’t sure, you can watch a corresponding video in the exercise library.


  • Intermediate: You are guided by qualified personal trainers on videos and you just follow along with what they are doing. This allows you to do the exercises effectively and safely. It also helps to keep you motivated and moving along with someone on the video.


  • Exercise Library: This is a video library of demonstrations by the personal trainers on how to do the exercises within the Paleo Burn Program safely and effectively. You just very simply click on the video you want to watch, and you get a short demonstration on how to do it.


Then there are the sleep principles of the Paleo Burn Fat Burner System. Getting the right amount of sleep and at the right times is important because this is when your body stops releasing cortisol and starts releasing all the good hormones, which replenishes and restores your health and vitality



What Are The Unique Benefits of Using The Paleo Burn Fat Burner System?


The main benefits Paleo Burn claims you will get when you use the system are that you will Burn Fat, Lose Weight and Increase your Energy and Vitality Levels.  Here are the claimed benefits in more detail:

  • Reveals the specific foods you must avoid and the ones you need to release hormones to burn fat and lose weight quickly Also the foods that release hormones that restore energy and vitality levels.


  • You will be able to work out less and rest more than on many other programs.


  • No taking dangerous pills or magic supplements to achieve results


  • You won’t be starved of food or be expected to do anything that is considered to be “extreme”.


  • Reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes and heart disease


  • Within one week on the the program, you will feel your energy levels increasing.


  • In less than a month, you will notice a major difference in your body composition.


Paleo Burn will still benefit you if you have:

  • a slow metabolism


  • diabetes or Thyroid condition


  • always carried excess weight and nothing has worked for you before.


Paleo Burn is NOT:

  • a fad diet, starvation diet, low carb or low fat diet, calorie counting or yo-yo diet.



Does Paleo Burn Work?


The creator of the Paleo Burn System, Ken Burge, claims he used his own system to lose 31 pounds. He then tested the system on members of his immediate family. His dad lost 57 pounds, his mum lost 33 pounds and brother lost 46 pounds. The pictures can be seen at the official website (see link just below in this section). You will also see some testimonials from others there as well.

You also get a 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. So instead of wondering does it work, you can try it out for yourself risk free and see the results for yourself. Go and visit the official website now and see the above people’s success stories and the success stories of others at the Paleo Burn Official Site.

The moment you stop questioning and decide to finally take action is when you will start getting the results you are after! Only you can provide the answers to your own questions because it’s only your level of commitment that will lead to results!

Review Paleo Burn & the Testimonials At The Official Site


How Did It Come About?

The creator of Paleo Burn is Ken Burge. Ken’s story begins where he started to put on weight as “emotional comfort” after his wife and him lost a child (it is unclear to me if this was during or after pregnancy). He started putting on weight, and the more he put on, the worse his life started to become. This all led to a succession of events from losing his job to a break down in his marriage and loss of respect from his children. He also developed diabetes and reached a maximum weight of 243 pounds.

The motivation for change was when he realised that he was setting a poor example for his children to follow. He felt he had become a bad father and failed his children. From then on, it became about his children and this was the motivating factor he needed to transform his life.

He began researching everything he could on weight loss and found the answer he was looking for in a book about cavemen! He realised there were no fat cavemen, and that we still have the genetics within us from those ancestors of ours. And when you exercise and eat the same way they did, then we can ‘awaken’ those genes to get the same body they had.

Ken developed the Paleo Burn System using a modelling approach. He studied and modelled the lifestyle and habits of people in top physical condition and of cavemen. He realised they basically did the same things. In his system, he points out the exact habits cave people followed to have a healthy and lean body.

Ken claims he used his newly devised system to lose 31 pounds. He then tested his system on members of his immediate family. You can see their before and after photos and figures on the official site (see link at the bottom of this page.

When others saw the results he was getting, they encouraged him to share his Paleo Burn system to help others. He went about becoming a Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and has since taught many others how to lose weight and stay healthy using the principles of his Paleo Burn Fat Burner System.

What To Aware Of Before You Buy


I will now list some of the things to watch out for before or after you buy Paleo Burn.


  • Before starting any diet or exercise program, such as the one contained in Paleo Burn, check with your doctor.


  • Paleo Burn is not and doesn’t claim to be a miracle solution. Purchasing the product doesn’t guarantee results. You must be willing to follow through and make the necessary changes to your eating habits and lifestyle before you start seeing any results.


  • Paleo Burn can help almost anyone lose weight. There maybe a few people who have pre-exsisting medical conditions making the process more difficult. Still, the program would be beneficial with such people and could help with the condition. Again, check with your doctor first.



Answers To Other Questions You Might Have


With so much information, where do i start once i purchase Paleo Burn?

The program comes with a quick start guide which gives you a short introduction to the program and outlines the programs principles.


What’s the best way to plan meals?

Chapter 5 on nutrition covers the what, when and how much to eat.


How do you incorporate this into your everyday life?

Chapter 9 titled “Putting It All Together” gives an example of a 7 day schedule in simple detail.


Do you have to take supplements?

No, but some are recommended by Ken that he feels are beneficial to your health.


What foods make up the Paleo Burn Diet?

Different kinds of red and white meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts, spices and fruits. The main things to stay away from anything made up of grains such as bread, pasta, cereals and processed food. You are still allowed to eat all your favourites on your “cheat” day.


What can you drink?

Water, black coffee, herbal tea. One diet drink a day with artificial sweetner is ok.


I have health considerations to take into account regarding exercise.

Follow your doctors recommendations before beginning any exercise program. The exercises in Paleo Burn range from Beginner to Intermediate Level and can be easily adjusted to accommodate your situation.


There is a list on the official website of some more frequently asked questions (FAQ’s). Look for the link below the video on the Official Site.


Paleo Burn

What Do You Get When You Buy Paleo Burn?

Paleo Burn only comes as an instant download. This means that when you buy Paleo Burn online, you download all the following to your computer instantly once payment is approved. You can have access to it and start applying it’s principles in minutes from now.

Here is a list of everything you get when you purchase Paleo Burn:

(Please Note: The below was correct at the time of publication of this post. Please ensure on the Paleo Burn Official Site for yourself that the following is still what the product includes. )

  • Paleo Burn Fat Burner System Book
  • 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Bonuses
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Food List
    • Paleo Burn Audio Edition
    • Paleo Fat Burning Cookbook
  • Free Mega Bonuses
  • Interactive Food List – Makes planning your meals easy.
  • Workout Video Library – Follow along exercises videos from beginner to advanced.




Where To Buy Paleo Burn

Place of Purchase: Paleo Burn Official Website

Price: $47.00 US

Payment Methods: Credit Card or PayPal.

Guarantee: 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee



Final Verdict


It makes sense that the best program to follow is one that takes us back to our pre-historic days, where our ancestors ate natural food that was not processed and lived an active life in order to survive. We have moved away from this deeper inner wisdom that we all have hidden deep within our genes. Processed food became more convinient and easier in our fast paced, modern day society. There has been a big price to pay and that is the price of our Paleo Burnhealth.

Paleo Burn allows you to go back and get in touch with those genes from pre-historic days and allow your own body to fight the fat naturally, the way nature intended it to. Ken lost the 91 pounds along with all the other success stories mentioned above. He believes and stands by his product so much that he offers a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee. I don’t think you’d get the same kind of guarantee from your local nutritionist or weight loss center.

The only thing you have to lose is your weight. If you are ready to take action on what you will learn, and commit to yourself for taking the responsibility to get your weight under control, then Paleo Burn offers a solution for you. You’re ready to commit when you’ve had enough of getting no results and when you are feeling ready to create the changes necessary to get the healthy life you want!

Click Here To Visit The Official Paleo Burn Site To Start Burning Fat!





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Paleo Burn Sleep


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